Family History Transcription

Uncovering historic documents, old journals and family records can be exciting. Turning these treasures into usable and sharable documents often isn’t. With ScribeThis as your family history transcription resource, unreadable manuscripts and oral life histories can easily and affordably become documents your entire family will cherish.

Useable Treasures

Transcribing hard-to-read letters or muffled, old audio files takes talent. At ScribeThis, our experienced team can handle these and other genealogical transcription projects. Lengthy interviews and life histories are quickly transcribed, as well as convoluted or illegible documents. We even provide the option to leave in grammar or spelling errors to preserve the true “character” of a historical piece. Such imperfections can also be cleaned up – depending on preference.

Whether novice or lifelong genealogist, transcription could quickly become your greatest tool in breathing new life into your family history. Our team would be delighted to assist with your next transcription project including:

  • Oral Histories
  • Journals
  • Historic Documents
  • Cemetery Information
  • Immigrant Origin Documents
  • Family Interviews
  • Old Letters and Manuscripts

Affordable History

Transcription services for genealogy and family history projects begin at just $1.75 per audio minute. Getting started is simple, and our friendly customer service team will provide additional support as you move through the process. Call us today to secure a project rate and turnaround schedule for your next ancestral transcription.

*ScribeThis accepts digital files and PDFs of historic documents. In order to preserve your family’s heirlooms, we do not accept originals in any format. Contact our customer support team for additional information.