YouTube and Video Transcription

Every day millions of businesses upload new video to YouTube for more than two billion individuals across the world watching them daily. What does that mean to you? YouTube is where you want to be – it’s where your customers are.

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Closed Captioning Opportunities

YouTube recently began offering closed captioning services to increase accessibility. With this innovation, YouTube provides an auto-caption option. Since then, many businesses have searched for a way to enhance the auto-caption function for truly accurate and clear scripts of their videos.

The solution? ScribeThis has knowledgeable and accurate transcriptionists to quickly and affordably turn unusable video scripts into powerful text. This will make videos easy to read by any YouTube user.

SEO Enhanced

An added bonus to the close captioned feature is increased SEO value. Search Engine Optimization on YouTube refers to how searchable or easy it is to find your video. Google ranks relevant words and phrases to determine placement, and the addition of key-word rich script or closed captioning can dramatically increase peoples’ ability to find your videos.

However, if you rely on the auto-caption function, chances are you will miss important keywords that could boost your ranking. Instead, rely on ScribeThis to create an accurate transcription of your video, communicate clearly to your audiences and make your messages easy to find.

Getting Started

It is easy to get started accurately transcribing your YouTube or other online video. Simply paste the link to your video below, along with your contact email and phone number, and our customer service team will email you questions or a quote today.

If you have a large project and want dozens or even hundreds of your YouTube videos transcribed, contact us directly for a customized quote. Once you receive your transcribed documents, you will want to read this article for instructions on how to upload a transcription document to YouTube

Ensure the 2 billion daily worldwide views will be of your video with ScribeThis transcription.